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Chinese Journal of Medical Science Research Management

ISSN 1006-1924 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua yi xue ke yan guan li za zhi she  
Description: "Chinese Medical Science Research Management," Management as a senior medical research journals, and are today the only national medical research and management of academic journals. Chinese Medicine Institute of Medical Research Management had "Medical Science Research Management," Title trial basis, to 1995, approved by the national authorities for the Chinese Medical Association Journal. Mainly to publicize the work of the party and the national science and technology policies, reflecting the management of medical research and progress within the research. To the national health administration, medical colleges, hospitals, health and epidemic prevention agencies and leading research institutions, research management cadres and management activities involved in medical research and other scientific experts and scholars as its major audience. With research management policies, theoretical discussions, methods seminars, research projects and projects, technological achievements, development and intellectual property management, scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges, subject construction and personnel management, clinical management and prevention of medical research, literature review, review, report, case studies, academic seminars, foreign research management trends, new technologies, new methods and learn to dynamic and other columns. Management for medical research opens up and provides a good academic exchanges garden. December 1999, the State Council Information Office, the State Press and Publication Administration reviewed the record, publication by the "China Journal", "China Academic Journal (CD)" full-text included. Meanwhile, as the "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database" contains full text journal sources. And medical research journal will further close integration of professional management, more extensive, in-depth exchange of academic activities and to increase the draft source and improve the editorial quality, as the Chinese characteristics of the medical research building in the management of the new discipline integrating theory and practice make new contributions.  (Translated by machine.)