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Chinese Journal of Medical Ultrasound(Electronic Version)

ISSN 1672-6448 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua yi xue chao sheng za zhi dian zi ban bian wei hui  
Description: The journal is sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association Medical Ultrasound professional academic journals, is a vector form and print media in the Complementarity of the multimedia CD-ROM Journal (CD-ROM). This publication is the unique form of electronic journals, graphic audio and video, and Mao, has a strong interaction. And to medical ultrasound, imaging, intervention and related medical and technical personnel as the main audience, reported a leading medical ultrasound research, clinical diagnosis and treatment of technology and experience, as well as closely related to medical ultrasound technology in medicine and fundamental research projects . The purpose of the magazine publication is: implement the Party and state health policies, implement the theory and practice, combining popularization with the raising of Publication, reflecting our clinical and research work of medical ultrasound significant progress, and promote domestic and foreign Ultrasound in Medicine academic exchanges. (Translated by machine.)