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Chinese Journal of Medical History

ISSN 0255-7053 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua yi shi za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Medical History" by the China Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Institute of History and Literature of the contractor, formerly known as Shanghai book "Medical History." 1953, renamed the "Medical History", Fu with that sign, edited and published in Beijing, chief editor Li Tao. In 1957, the increase in the content of health-care organization, renamed the "history of medicine and health care organizations", editor Zhong Qian. 1959, and "Chinese Medicine" merged and renamed the "People's health." Ceased publication in 1961. Reopened in October 1980, still name "Journal of Medical History", quarterly, each 64 pages, editor Chen Haifeng. Since founding the end of 2003, "Medical History" print and publish a total of 33 volumes. Purpose of the magazine is the journal of medical history for the development of research services for the workers in the History of Medicine History of Medicine and the World of Chinese medicine made in the history of the field research results published and communication field in order to promote the development of China's Medical History . Journal to promote "a hundred schools contend, flourishing," and equal treatment of different academic perspectives, with particular emphasis discover and nurture young researchers. Medical history journal particular attention to theoretical issues of modern medical history, ethnic minorities, medical history, medical history and comparative world history of medicine and other weak links in the published. Articles with Commentary, of the Forum and Debate, historical data and literature, archeology and heritage, book reviews, short reports, manuscripts Extracts, newsletters, book news, reader? Of? Editors, more than 10 columns. To medical history, history of science research and teaching staff for the main audience. Publication of the majority laid down in national or international for the first time report reflecting the highest of the History of Medicine, the latest level, access to domestic and foreign readers at home. Since 1980 the U.S. journal Medline, England The Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine published an index publications Current Work in the History of Medicine included; the United States published in "History Digest" magazine published in the journal article abstracts; "America: History and Life "magazine published its catalog index. The journal is the World Health Organization and the Library collections include Extra MED, 1996 was the "China Academic Journal (CD)" text included. 1998,1999 have joined ChinaInfo on system and network information resources, China Journal Net. Articles since 2001 - Digital Periodicals. (Translated by machine.)