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Chinese Journal of Cardiac Arrhythmias

ISSN 1007-6638 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua xin lv shi chang xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1997. Now the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Paper Source Journals (core journals Science and Technology of China). Science magazine reported that the clinical arrhythmia and cardiovascular disease of the leading research and clinical treatment experience, reflecting the clinical and basic science of cardiac arrhythmia significant progress in theoretical research, promoting academic exchanges, and continuing education for the profession. To Cardiac Arrhythmias and cardiovascular disease in the professional doctors and researchers as the main audience. Columns are: clinical research, basic research, on the summary, case reports, academic contention, continuing education garden, new vision of new technologies, information highway, review, and lectures. Any publication by the editor Professor Chen Xin, Wang Founder, Hu Dayi, GUO Ji-Huang new, Professor Huang Dingjiu as deputy editor. Publication is to address the occurrence of arrhythmia mechanisms, clinical manifestations, ECG and its derivatives in the non-invasive techniques, cardiac electrophysiology, drugs, and non-drug treatment, domestic and international dynamics, epidemiology and other national magazines.  (Translated by machine.)