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Chinese Journal of Hand Surgery

ISSN 1005-054X 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua shou wai ke za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Journal of Hand Surgery" for the hand surgery professional senior academic journals. Running time for the internal newsletter at the beginning, by the famous hand surgery, orthopedic experts Academician Wang Shu Huan Ren Zongbian, Taojin Chun, GU Fellow deputy editor, Professor Gu Yudong and editorial director, and hired well-known all over the country hand surgery, microsurgery surgery, plastic surgery and other 37 experts and professors of Medicine Editorial Board. Magazine editor in the Department of Hand Surgery, Huashan Hospital, Shanghai Medical University. March 2, 1993 approved by the National Science and Technology Commission public offering of domestic and foreign scientific journals, and renamed "Journal of Hand Surgery", was one of the Chinese Medical Association Journal. Purpose of the magazine in the country to promote expertise in hand surgery and hand surgery professional teams to improve the theoretical level and academic level. Running the idea is just, fair and open. Magazine features: highlights in hand surgery professional issues in the international leading the new development, such as brachial plexus injury, replantation, etc.; first introduced hand surgery fellow who all the country's innovation and invention, including technological improvements and the bit of experience; at home and abroad continue to introduce new doctrines, new technologies, new methods, systematic induction, academic discussion and guide the new trends in various stages are summarized in the field of hand surgery and the problems of development; continue to develop hand surgery predecessors in charity study business, serving the public good style, to prevent fraud, stealing from other results of the article, and hand surgery and related disciplines all within the scope of the article. Including skin, tendons, bones and joints, peripheral nerve injury, inflammation, tumors, malformations, and functional reconstruction and replantation. Magazine has organized a "flap" "nerve, tendon," "brachial plexus injury," "replantation" and other seminars, both to improve the professional level, but also first-hand information. Magazine was awarded the Silver Medal awarded by the Chinese Medical Association. Publication has now been full-text databases and journals in China PLA Medical Library Database, Chinese Science and Technology Journal Full-text database contains full text of Articles of resources and the Chinese Biomedical Database and Chinese Science Citation Database Abstracts included. The end of 2002 by the Beijing Library included source for the National Journal. Editorial Department in the past 10 years, has trained six part-time editors, including three for the current post-doctoral, 3 named Dr.; they have been active in international academic rostrum, and the International Hand Surgery Society, the world's leading experts have hand surgery compare closely. (Translated by machine.)