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Chinese Music

ISSN 1002-9923 
Organizer: zhong guo yin le xue yuan  
Publisher: zhong guo yin le bian ji bu  
Description: "Chinese music" (quarterly) is sponsored by the China Conservatory of music theory publications, founded in March 1981, first editor of a famous music theorist, former president of the China Conservatory of Comrade Li Ling, Li served as editor of a former president of the Xi'an University professor and former Dean, Professor CONSERVATORY. Former Deputy Editor of Mr. Xue Liang, Hechang Lin, Ming Tao, professor of management Jianhua, Zhao Zhiyang Associate Professor. "Chinese music" is by the hospital secretary in charge of party Dai Jia Fang, currently editor of the CONSERVATORY, deputy editor of Zhao Zhiyang. "Chinese music" the purpose of the magazine: "In the field of music, art implementation of the Chinese Communist Party's principles and policies, the study of Chinese traditional music culture and musical life of the practical problems and carry out academic activities, contact the majority of musicians and music lovers, and promote socialist cultural development of ethnic music. "" Chinese music "from the 81 years since founded in March, has been Chukan 85, published an article more than two thousand three hundred articles on China since reform and opening up of music theory construction and culture of traditional music and music education has played a larger role in promoting. 21 years, "Chinese music" training, music theory training a large number of young workers, now has a solid foundation in the country, full of vigor of the team. "Chinese music" as well as scientific research published in the field of music to explore aspects of thought has been subject to domestic and foreign experts, scholars. For a long time, "Chinese music" music theory publications in the country has the largest readership, both at home and abroad have a greater impact. As the new century, "Chinese music" all the editorial staff is to further improve their theoretical level and cultural enrichment, to further enhance the operational capacity to seek more opportunities and meet greater challenges. "Chinese music" 2001 Calendar of Events: A .2001 July, the editorial department receive a "Guide to Chinese core journal" (2000 edition) Editorial Board notice, "Chinese music" has once again been named "Chinese Core Journals" . Two .2001 November, the editorial department received "Evaluation of Nanjing University Center for Social Science Research in China" notice, "Chinese music" by "Chinese Social Science Citation Index" (CSSCI-2000) selected as the source journals, and received the certificate A. (Translated by machine.)