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China Medicine

ISSN 1673-4777 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong guo yi yao bian ji  
Description: "China Medicine" magazine, Department of Chinese Medicine Association, Ministry of Health in charge of the national academic journals, domestic and foreign public offering. Founded in January 2006. Articles for medical and health science and technology personnel, and strive to timely, comprehensive and rapid reporting of medical and pharmaceutical research in the field results and clinical experience. Focus on published clinical medicine, basic experimental and clinical studies, adverse drug reactions, drug evaluation, case reports, review and expert forums. Piyou Review and lectures, monographs, short treatises, clinical testing, misdiagnosis, case reports and other columns. Has now been "Chinese Core Periodicals (database selection)", "China Academic Journal (CJFD)" (CD) and "Chinese Academic Journal" and other text included in the database. ISSN 1673-4777, CN 11-5451 / R. Big 16 open, 64. Magazine, published monthly 8. Each priced at 10 yuan, the year 120. Welcome to the local post office subscriptions, Youfadaihao :80-528. The editorial office can also direct subscription can be purchased breaking quarter and zero magazine subscriptions, free postage.  (Translated by machine.)