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Chinese Medical Record

ISSN 1672-2566 
Organizer: zhong guo yi yuan xie hui  
Publisher: zhong guo bing an za zhi she  
Description: Publication is the medical record of medical learning and medical record information management disciplines of academic journals. The main task is to implement the policies of health, academic exchange, dissemination of medical record information management experience, popularization and improvement of medical record information of scientific knowledge, introduction of new foreign progress in health information management, and exchange International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) in the Medical Record experience in the application of statistics to promote the modernization of the hospital medical record information management, development of medical record information management science, health reform and development. Currently under the guidance of the Party's Three Represents, implement the scientific concept of development to promote the implementation of hospital management to improve the quality of medical services, protection of health security, health reform and development of good services. This publication is for information management and hospital management medical records workers, clinical medical staff as the main object.  (Translated by machine.)