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Journal of the Academy of Equipment Command & Technology

ISSN 1673-0127 
Organizer: zhuang bei zhi hui ji shu xue yuan ke yan bu  
Publisher: zong zhuang bei bu zhuang bei zhi hui ji shu xue yuan xue bao bian wei hui  
Description: "Equipment Command & Technology," is organized by the General Armament Department of Equipment Command & Technology and equipment for command and management of equipment technology, and multi-disciplinary, comprehensive academic journal in January 2004 by the General Staff, General Political Department to determine for the whole Core Journals of the first military forces. "University" is a bimonthly, large 16 mo, about 120 pages per issue, domestic and international public offering. "Equipment Command & Technology" based on the school, facing the army, open journal, focused on cutting-edge military equipment in the field of theoretical / technical issues, equipment, construction and equipment acquisition in the hot and difficult issues, academic high level, wide coverage, large amount of information, the application is strong, has high academic value and information value, military armament departments at all levels, equipment development and procurement officers, space test range of academic researchers to understand the dynamic, theory of military equipment and technology capable assistant. Permanent sections are: Members Forum (Academician Forum), equipment management and equipment Command (Equipment Management and Equipment Command), Military Space Theory and Applications (Military Astronautics Theory and Application), aerospace engineering and equipment test (Astronautics Engineering and Equipment Experiment), electronic information equipment and Information Engineering (Electronic Information Equipment and Information Engineering), basic theory and methods (Fundamental Theory and Method) and the results and monographs. (Translated by machine.)