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Chinese Journal of Psychiatry

ISSN 1006-7884 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua jing shen ke za zhi she  
Description: The journal is sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association journal of psychiatry, formerly known as the "Chinese Journal of Psychiatry", since 1996, was renamed the "Chinese Journal of Psychiatry." This publication is in the spirit of disease prevention, medical and scientific research of high, intermediate readers medical and health personnel, psychiatry has published guidance on, guiding the comments and articles, reports leading the field of psychiatry research and clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment , reflecting the work of psychiatry significant progress in clinical research, and promote international academic exchanges Psychiatric Research. The Journal is the most authoritative of the field of psychiatry core journals, by more than one authority included in the database and retrieval system. Won the second session of the China Association for Science and Technology Journal of the National Outstanding Award, Chinese Medical Association journal quality silver and so on. Factors behind China for many years before hundreds of scientific and technical journals.  (Translated by machine.)