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Chinese Journal of Nuclear Medicine

ISSN 0253-9780 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua he yi xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Journal of Nuclear Medicine" is the profession of nuclear medicine and the only one authoritative specialist journals. It reflects the development of the level of nuclear medicine, nuclear medicine in China personnel training, infrastructure, academic exchanges, enhance and popularize technology has played a positive role. The development of nuclear medicine is an important symbol of modern medicine. Nuclear medicine diagnosis and treatment of early coronary heart disease, brain disorders and cancer diseases, the three essential threat to human means. Fully reflect the medical journal of nuclear equipment and nuclear agents of the development, experimental nuclear medicine research, clinical nuclear medicine method for the establishment and improvement of in vitro methods of innovation and promotion. It quickly passed new domestic and international progress in nuclear medicine and academic information, is a true reflection of the history of nuclear medicine literature repository. Treatise published in the journal, including "National Seventh Five scientific and technological projects," "National Eighth Five scientific and technological projects," the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Climbing Program, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and provincial and municipal funding key projects, international collaborative projects, those who receive national or provincial and ministerial level achievement awards nuclear medicine topics, most of its first published in the journal, the journal's international status and influence increase. It has been several world-renowned database included, and with more than 20 influential journal Foreign Relations to establish a regular exchange. Magazine also published some foreign scholars (including Nobel Prize winner RSYalow) papers. Since the publication founded, the first editor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital as Professor Wang Shizhen, second, third editor in chief of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Professor Zhou Qian as the fourth editor in chief of the Shanghai Medical Huashan Hospital affiliated to the University as Professor Lin Xiangtong. The fifth editor in chief of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Fu Wai Hospital, Professor Liu Xiujie as. Beijing Hospital, Ministry of Health Prof. Qu Wanying sixth editor. Chinese medical journal in 1987 will be excellent by the third journal, in 1992 by the National Science and Technology Commission excellent third place periodicals, journals CAST Outstanding Award, Chinese Medical Association journal Huarui Cup third best in 1997 were CAST Outstanding Journal Award in 1999, the third best journals in Jiangsu Province Award, Chinese Medical Association in 2000 by the outstanding Series Silver, elected in 2001, "China Journal Square" and "double effect" Journal, 2002 has been selected as an excellent journal and the first in East China, "Journal of Jiangsu square" double top ten journals. (Translated by machine.)