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Chinese Journal of Traumatology

ISSN 1008-1275 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua chuang shang za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Chinese Journal of Traumatology (Chinese Journal of Traumatology English) for the trauma of the medical profession senior academic journals in English. Externally reported trauma and related disciplines of the achievements and progress, to fully reflect China's achievements and the level of trauma medicine, to promote and guide the development of trauma studies to improve clinical treatment level; the same time, progress in the field of foreign and dynamics of the corresponding introduced to China readers. It is the trauma of the Chinese medicine to the world, to foreign readers understand China, to promote international exchanges and cooperation in trauma medicine. U.S. medical journal has been indexed (Medline), Chemical Abstracts (CA), Netherlands, Excerpta Medica (EMBASE), Chinese Journal of Science and Technology Papers Database (Source Journals), the core journals database, Chinainfo network resources system (China Academic Journals on CD-ROM), Articles Periodicals included. Journal of Chongqing received several awards outstanding scientific journals. Articles with monographs, research reports, review, review, case reports, Meeting Minutes, book reviews, letters to the editor and other columns. Readers for the medical colleges, research institutions, hospitals above the county level in trauma and surgical medical workers and the corresponding areas of foreign readers. Articles focus on the editorial board of the three places the field of trauma and related industry experts and professors, and the United States, the Philippines, well-known scholars in related fields. In recent years, the Chinese Medical Association and the Editorial Board, under the leadership of many experts and professors in the care and support of the publication in the promotion of academic exchange, promoting academic development, and made some achievements. Circulation at home and abroad, is the source quality and quantity increased year by year. Published article, the Fund issues approximately 1 / 3. Magazine and the editorial Editorial Board is willing to domestic and foreign authors and readers together to turn them into world-class medical journals and work.  (Translated by machine.)