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China Housing Facilities

ISSN 1672-5093 
Organizer: zhong guo fang di chan ji zhu zhai yan jiu hui  
Publisher: zhong guo zhu zhai she shi za zhi she  
Description: Publication by the head of the Ministry of Construction, China Real Estate and Housing Research Association, residential facilities, residential facilities, the Commission hosted the only central areas of science and technology professional journals. Journal set of economic, technology, information in one, in-depth, lively, timely, comprehensive residential facilities reflect the market dynamics and development of residential facilities at home and abroad. Readers throughout the country for real estate development companies, architectural design institutes, decoration companies, construction units, property companies, residential facilities, production enterprises and institutions, covering the real estate research, architectural design, residential kitchen technology, water technology, energy saving, electrical technology, intelligent building, gas technology, HVAC, architectural hardware, green building materials, residential facilities technology, full renovation of residential, residential facilities, standardization, home believed to be living environment, demonstration projects and entrepreneurs forum investment, market analysis, residential facilities, the technical, industrial and trade development, the journal is positioned as to provide reference for enterprises to high-level decision-making. More ...  (Translated by machine.)