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China Biogas

ISSN 1000-1166 
Organizer: zhong guo zhao qi xue hui nong ye bu zhao qi ke xue yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhong guo zhao qi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the competent Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture of China Biogas Biogas Association and sponsored by the Institute for Chinese Science Citation Database core journals. Reports of major anaerobic biogas technology in waste treatment and ecological construction and new development on the research, promotion of biogas, environmental protection, ecological construction and practical technology, introducing gas, biogas, biogas residue using a new method, the construction of biogas new problems. Piyou experiment and research, biogas, sewage purification tanks, household biogas digesters, utilization, management experience, the question of, other renewable energy sources, more than 10 columns. Readers are mainly engaged in the anaerobic technology, biogas construction, environmental engineering, rural energy, health and other areas of fertility research, teaching staff, administrators and technical staff. (Translated by machine.)