Chinese Appraisal Journal 2008 Issue 5 zhong guo zi chan ping gu xie hui zai jing zhao kai " zhong ping xie di fang xie hui zhun ze lian luo yuan gong zuo hui yi "
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Chinese Appraisal Journal
2008 Issue 5
Assets Revaluation of a Korean Company
Jin Dongri;Zhang Chengguo;Zhu Hongri封3
Research on the Difference between the Exchange Price and Appraisal Value of Chinese Listed Companies
Yan Shaobing;Wang Liying;Zhong Chongjing;Lv Wenjie
Research on Mortgage Value Type Based on Management in Commercial Bank
Sun Yizhou;Zhang Wenfeng
Important Events of China Appraisal Society(CAS)in 2007
Comprehensive Department of CAS