Chinese Appraisal Journal 2000 Issue 5 MAIN CONTENT
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Chinese Appraisal Journal
2000 Issue 5
jin qi jing ji yao wen
Comparison of Some English Words Meaning "Ping Gu" in Chinese
Ji Yicheng;Xu Zhiyu
Research on Real Estate Depreciation and Durable Life
Yu Mingxuan
Valuation Method of the Listed . Com Company
Lu Faqin,41
Problems on the Financial Assets Valuation
Yang Songtang
Pondering over the Assets Valuation Approach
Jiang Nan
Application of Discounted Cash Flow in the Valuation of Mining Rights
Ma Yindai;Huang Chunyan
Research on Brand Valuation
Cheng Xinsheng
The Operation Pattern of Partnership Firms
Kwan Clarence
The Main Duties and Management of Partners
Kent Watson
Valuation Firms Need System Innovation
Zheng Bingnan
"he huo " de shi guan jian shi ren he
liu ping