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Evaluation and Analysis of Drug-Use in Hospital of China

ISSN 1672-2124 
Organizer: zhong guo sheng wu yi yao ji shu xie hui zhong guo yao fang za zhi she  
Publisher: zhong guo yi yuan yong yao ping jia yu fen za zhi she  
Description: This publication is approved by the Information Services Department, Ministry of Health, the State Press and Publication Administration approved by the Ministry of Health in charge of China Biotechnology Association, China Pharmacy magazine sponsored pharmaceutical journals. ISSN for the journal CN 11-4975 / R, ISSN 1672-2124, Bimonthly, large 16 mo, 64 pages, to be issued 15,000 each. Publication to enhance the hospital and reasonable level of scientific medicine to reduce the waste of resources, adverse drug reactions and policy for the journal, focusing on guidance; to report the status and treatment of clinical medicine Forecast for office, to be practical; to engage in Clinical Pharmacy Science (Pharmacy) work of engineers, pharmacists as its major audience, taking into account drug development, production, operation and medicine, health management personnel.  (Translated by machine.)