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Chinese Medical Ethics

ISSN 1001-8565 
Organizer: xi an jiao tong da xue  
Publisher: zhong guo yi xue lun li xue bian ji bu  
Description: Timely publication describes health reform, patient-centered health management and clinical care in moral development, moral inheritance, moral status, moral role, ethical standards, moral development, ethics training and other ethical issues arise and the measures to provide international medical ethics development, research information and provide relevant management theory, scientific research, the typical experience and working methods to address clinical ethical issues, properly handle the relationship between health building, health interpersonal relationships, improve their quality of health care, strengthen ethics training, provision of operational norms and methods for the timely reporting of relevant state departments reporting on health care reform and development, the construction of important instructions on medical ethics are discussed. Artificial insemination, family planning, organ transplants, euthanasia, hospice, cloning, genetic engineering, but also reflect the focus on one aspect of publication. Is the only on medical ethics, Yifeng major academic journals. (Translated by machine.)