China Digital Cable TV 2006 Issue 19 Construct a Call Center of Foshan CATV Network
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China Digital Cable TV
2006 Issue 19
Construct a Call Center of Foshan CATV Network
WU Wei-guang
you xian dian shi gong cheng she ji de ji ge wen ti
yu xiao zhou
Live Technology on the Small TV Station
QIAO Cheng-hui
View on the Plight of the Development of Chinese Digital Cable TV
YANG Ling-ling
Shannon Limit, Frequency-Temporal Instability and LDPC Code
HONG Xi-guang;ZHAO Yu-ping
Analysis on Noise of HFC Two-way Network Upstream Channel
Construct New Network Architecture-G2P for IPTV
MENG Yu-hua;BAI Lin
The Transmission and Maintenance of the Television Signal in the Province Network
CHEN Xin;XIAO Nan;GUO Li;FAN Xin-shuan
PCR Correction Method Based on MPEG-2 System
ZHANG Wei;LIU Peng;LI Bing-bing
Research on Testing Method for 3G Streaming Media
CHEN Yi-xian;CHEN Qian-bin
The Cabled TV Enlarger Work Characteristic Analysis
YANG Hong-chun
IPTV and Related Technologies
YAO Kuan-yong
The Causes and Solutions of Return Noise of HFC Network
XU Gang;LIU Bao-shan
The Source and Control of Feedback Noise in the Bidirectional CATV System
DENG Lu-lin;DONG Qiu-lin
The Comparison and Choice of Cable TV Wide Band Insert Technology
Ning Juan-juan
The View on 1 550 nm Fiber Net Reform
QIN Tie-jun;XIAO Xiang-hui
HFC Two-way Net Design Plan in Zhijin
LIU Yuan-qin
Draw up the CATV Project Network Chart Using Word2000
LI Wei
Adapt Campus CATV HFC Network for Multimedia Teaching
The Application of Multi-Service Transport Platform in CATV Equipment Room Management
Design & Application of CATV Management System
ZHONG Hai-feng
A Design of Video Server Based on ARM
YU Yan-zhi;WANG Hong-yuan;ZHOU Bo;FANG Lei;XU Fan
A FPGA Implementation of Inner Decoder in DVB-S System
HU Hai-yu;YU Hong-yang
The Application of Virtual Studio Technology in Program Making
LIN Dai-yong
The Application of Code Key Technology in TV Play System
LV Qiu-juan;QUAN Wen-jun;LEI Mei-li
IEEE1394 Interface and Its Application in Entire Digitization Manufacture Network
FAN Hao-ming;XIE Gui-xing;GAO Cong-shan
The Shoot of TV News Need the Aesthetic Feeling
shu zi dian shi shuang xiang wang de gai zao yu jian she
lu chun fang
you xian dian shi guang lan fu she de ji shu gui fan
liu hai hua
ru dong tai shuang xiang hfc wang luo gai zao de ti hui
shao song rong ; luo lin quan
you xian dian shi ji fang dian yuan xi tong gai zao
he ping sheng ; zhang xiao hong ; meng bao ping
bo chu xi tong de ji zhong bei fen fang an
shu na
dian shi zi dong bo kong xi tong de an quan cuo shi
ye zhi qin
guang xian chuan shu wang gu zhang jian xiu shi li
wang hong bin
pai chu guang fen lu qi gu zhang 3 li
sun yong lin
fang shui jie tou shi yong shou ming yan chang ji qiao
liu zhi cheng
wei xing tian xian an zhuang diao shi zhong chu xian de ju ti wen ti yu jie jue fang fa
lai yun xiang ; shen li ping
fa she ji ruan gu zhang wei xiu 1 li
lv qiu juan ; zhang zuo ; liu hui
wang gai zou jie jing fan er zou wan lu
fang bin
guang dian ji fang kong diao xi tong she bei de wei hu yu bao yang
xiao zuo ; chen zuo ; fan xin shuan
guang lian lu gu zhang fen xi yu jian xiu
wu ke lin
xiao qu jian kong xi tong gu zhang shi li ji fen xi
yang zuo rui ; bi yong hua ; jiang zhao xu
shu zi dian shi ji ding he yuan li yu wei xiu
liu bin ; hao chang jun ; cui yu fang
zong he fang lei xi tong de ji shu gai zao
wang jia xing