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Chinese Journal of Drug Application and Monitoring

ISSN 1672-8157 
Organizer: jie fang jun zong yi yuan yao cai chu  
Publisher: zhong guo yao wu ying yong yu jian ce za zhi she  
Description: Publication based on the application and monitoring of drugs, pharmaceutical research focus concerns, feedback, information on clinical treatment for the majority of doctors, medicine, nursing workers to create a platform for academic exchange and improve the level of rational drug use, the application of the drugs truly safe, effective, economic and reasonable. Journal of the main sections are: expert review, the clinical drugs, medication monitoring, basic research, medicine, Newsletter, drug delivery, exchange of experiences, presentations and so on. The main contents include: drug clinical research, clinical applications, interactions, adverse reaction reports and analysis, pharmacology and toxicology studies, pharmacokinetics and bioavailability study of drug quality assessment, pharmacy information technology methods. "Chinese Drug Application and Monitoring" magazine, formerly known as "drug and Clinical" magazine, has been for the majority of medical workers it provides a timely comprehensive pharmaceutical information and experience exchange of medical personnel to become garden. Colleagues at all levels of leadership and medical care and support, "Drug and Clinical" magazine embodies the efforts of several generations of pharmacy staff, and gradually developed into a broad impact and reputation of the pharmaceutical journal. 12 period of 2003 Press and Publication Administration approval, "drug and clinical" was renamed "China Drug Application and Monitoring" magazine, a national official publications, to fill various types of current pharmaceutical journals published no magazine Drug Application and Monitoring blank. "Chinese Drug Application and Monitoring" magazine will continue for the majority of clinical medicine, medicine, nursing staff, timely communication link between the drug and health, comprehensive tracking the current health and medicine field of research, reported progress in the application of new drugs for pharmacy clinicians to provide timely information gap between doctors and pharmacists to learn from the Hongqiao a view to improving the level of the hospital rationalization of drug use, reducing hospital adverse drug reactions, suggesting that attention to clinical health care workers the importance of drug monitoring and health care decisions for the good technical program. To learn your in deep. We firmly believe that, through the authors, readers and editorial efforts, "Chinese Drug Application and Monitoring" magazine along the way will be wider and wider, from infancy to maturity, and truly become the majority of medical workers to learn, live and work mentor. (Translated by machine.)