Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin 2010 Issue 10 Neuroprotective effect of 2-phenoxy-indan-1-one derivatives YKY-7,a novel acetylcholinesterase inhibitor,on β-amyloid peptide induced damage in vitro
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Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin
2010 Issue 10
Neuroprotective effect of 2-phenoxy-indan-1-one derivatives YKY-7,a novel acetylcholinesterase inhibitor,on β-amyloid peptide induced damage in vitro
zheng xiao liang ; cheng li yan ; tu ling zuo ; yan dong mei ; shi hong
Effect of caudatin on cell proliferation and apoptosis in human gastric cancer cell line SGC-7901
fei hong rong ; xiao zuo ; chen geng ; chen hong lei ; wang feng ze
Effect of ATP on activity of 50 pS K+ channel in basolateral membrane of the thick ascending limb
zhang cheng biao ; yang lei ; gu rui min
The progress on peri-menopausal sleep disorders
xu zuo hong ; huo xiao zuo ; huang zhi li
Total panax notoginseng saponins inhibit the migration of vascular smooth muscle cells
su ming ; wen jin kun ; zheng bin ; li hui xuan ; liu sha ; fu jian ran ; zhang jing ; han mei
The effect of trichosanthin on the expression and enzyme activity of DNMT1 gene in Caski cervical cancer cell line
song hua mei ; huang li ming ; wang yan lin ; han zuo ; you cheng cheng ; peng ping ping ; cao wei hong
Effects of substance P antagonist on morphine withdrawal behavior in cerebrospinal fluid-contacting nucleus of rats
li zuo zuo ; lu xian fu ; peng zhen dan ; zhang li cai
Protective effects of basic fibroblast growth factor on renal injuries caused by cDDP in mice
huang ju en ; xie wei ; li xiao
Advances in research of glucose transporter-1
nie qin ; xin xian liang ; geng mei yu
Effect and mechanism of genistein on the proliferation of MC3T3-E1 cells
niu yin bo ; li yu hua ; huang hai tao ; kong xiang he ; wang zuo mei ; mei qi bing
xin xi dong tai,1400,封4
Absorption of the different compatibility of extractive Wujiwan by everted gut sacs model
dong yu ; zhang ying feng ; yang qing ; wang zuo zuo ; zhu xiao xin
Chemopreventive effect of isatin against DMBA-induced mammary carcinoma in rats
liu na ; ju chuan xia ; yue wang ; song xiao ping ; qiang xin ; liu zhan tao ; yang yu ling
Research progress on regulation of P-glycoprotein by reactive oxygen species
dong xian ; bi ming gang
2-DG enhances chemosensitivity of breast cancer cells to adriamycin
cheng xiu ; liu hao ; fang lin ; su fang ; song le le ; ma lin yan ; jiang guo jun ; zhang xu dong ; jiang zhi wen
The effect of PI3K/Akt signal transduction pathway in non-small cell lung cancer
xiong fei ; zhan ; tang yu ping ; duan jin zuo ; yin lian ; zhang xu
Hydrogen sulfide protects PC12 cells against chemical hypoxia-induced injury by inhibing p38MAPK
lan ai ping ; mei wei yi ; meng jin lan ; hu fen ; yang chun tao ; yang zhan li ; chen pei zuo ; feng jian qiang
Establishment of Cx43-stably-downregulated leydig cell line and sertoli cell line by siRNA expression vector
zheng su ping ; hong xiao zuo ; wang qin ; tao liang
Research in anti-tumor activity of the novel GSK-3β inhibitor-polypyridyl ruthenium complexes
tang li juan ; zhong xue yun ; lin zuo zuo ; liu jie ; chen juan
Effects of heat shock protein 90 inhibitor 17-AAG on the growth and apoptosis in K562/ADR cells
wang rui ; liu zhong ; wang shao xiang ; zhang jia zuo ; xiong sheng ; xu shi hai ; wang yi fei
The role of gap junction connexin in the formation,precaution and treatment of atherosclerosis
chen min ; jiang li ping ; hong tao
The progress of serotonergic mechanisms on posttraumatic stress disorder
zhang li ming ; chen hong xia ; zhang you zhi ; li yun feng
Effect and possible mechanism of geniposide on apoptosis of HUVECs induced by H2O2
li qing ling ; yu chao ; li chun li ; wu jian yong ; li wen ming
Research progress in the effects of garlic allyl sulfide on inhibiting nervous system tumors
wang xue zuo ; tang hai lin ; su zuo
The preventive effect of alfacalcidol on cancellous and cortical bone in intact female SD rats
liu xiao qing ; tian xiao yan ;r.b.setterberg;webster s.s.jee
Effects of Tongxinluo on hypoxia tolerance of rabbit
wu xiang chun ; lai jing ; wu xiang feng ; jia zhen hua ; wang hong tao ; tang si wen
Effect of Ligustrum lucidum Ait polysaccharide on lymphoma antigenicity
li ; qiu rong li ; le wei ; han ying ; shi ying ying ; li zuo zhou
Establishment of nude mice xenograft model of human breast cancer with ErbB2 overexpression
shen guo dong ; zhao zuo ; zhang an li ; ling bin ; liu jing ; song li hua ; wei wei
Inhibition of development of collagen-induced arthritis in rats by a novel immunosuppressant FTY720
guo dun ming ; tan wen feng ; zhang zuo jia ; wang fang
Effects of SAaB on LPS-induced learning and memory disorders and inflammatory reaction in rat hippocampus
liu zhuo ; jin ying ; liu wan zhu ; zuo en zhi ; qi zhi min
A primary investigation on the modulation of PPARδ agonist GW501516 on mitochondrial biogenesis and muscular fiber types in mice
fang hai qin ; zhang yong ; xu you jun ; wu ying liang
Effects of hydrogen sulfide on cardiac function induced by acute myocardial ischemia in rats
liu fang ; zhang jian xin ; li lan fang ; ding yan yan ; zhang xin yan