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Journal of Rare Earths
2015 Issue 2
Rietveld refinement and optical properties of SrWO4:Eu3+ powders prepared by the non-hydrolytic sol-gel method
P.F.S.Pereira;I.C.Nogueira;E.Longo;E.J.Nassar;I.L.V.Rosa;L.S.Cavalcante;Chemistry Institute;University of the State of Sao Paulo Julio de Mesquita Filho-UNESP;Francisco Degni;Araraquara-SP 14800-900;Brazil;LIEC-Chemistry Department;Federal University of Sao Carlos;Via Washington Luis Km 235;Sao Carlos-SP 13565-905;Brazil;University of Franca-UNIFRAN;Via Dr.Armando Sales de Oliveira;No.201;Franca-SP 14404-600;Brazil;CCN-DQ-GERATEC;University of the State of Piauí;Joao Cabral;2231;P.O.Box 391;Terezina;PI 64002-150;Brazil;
Effect of synthesis conditions and surrounding medium on luminescence properties of YVO4:Eu3+ nanopowders
E.V.Golyeva;D.V.Tolstikova;I.E.Kolesnikov;M.D.Mikhailov;St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University;St.Petersburg 195251;Russia;Scientific and Technological Institute of Optical Material Science;VNTs S.I.Vavilov State Optical Institute;St.Petersburg 192171;Russia;St.Petersburg State University;St.Petersburg 199034;Russia;
Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of Ca3R2–xWO9:xEu3+(R=Y, Gd) phosphors
RU Jingjing;QIN Xiaohuan;YAN Guiyang;CHEN Jianzhong;Department of Chemistry;Ningde Normal University;School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences;Guangxi Normal University;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering;Fuzhou University;
Synthesis and photoluminescence studies of Ba(Gd,Ln)B9O16:Eu3+(Ln=La,Y) phosphors for n-UV LED lighting and display devices
V.V.Rangari;S.J.Dhoble;Department of Physics;RTM Nagpur University;
Effect of hydroxyl groups on hydrophilic and photocatalytic activities of rare earth doped titanium dioxide thin films
DU Jun;WU Qi;ZHONG Shan;GU Xin;LIU Jiao;GUO Haizhi;ZHANG Wenlong;PENG Hailong;ZOU Jianguo;Key Lab of Poyang Lake Ecology and Bio-resource Utilization;Department of Chemical Engineering;College of Environmental and Chemical Engineering;Nanchang University;
Y/Eu co-doped TiO2: synthesis and photocatalytic activities under UV-light
WANG Ruifen;WANG Fuming;AN Shengli;SONG Jinling;ZHANG Yin;School of Materials and Metallurgy;Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology;School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering;University of Science and Technology Beijing;
Synthesis of photocatalytic La1–xAxTiO3.5–δ(A=Ba, Sr, Ca) nano perovskites and their application for photocatalytic oxidation of congo red dye in aqueous solution
M.Bradha;T.Vijayaraghavan;S.P.Suriyaraj;R.Selvakumar;Anuradha M.Ashok;Nanotech Research Facility;PSG Institute of Advanced Studies;Coimbatore-641 004;India;Nanobiotechnology Laboratory;PSG Institute of Advanced Studies;Coimbatore-641 004;India;
Critical parameters near the phase transition temperature in La0.67–xDyxPb0.33MnO3
N.Zaidi;S.Mnefgui;A.Dhahri;E.K.Hlil;J.Dhahri;Laboratory of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences;University of Monastir;5019;Tunisia;Institut Néel;CNRS and Joseph Fourier university;B.P.166;38042 Grenoble;France;
Van Vleck paramagnetism of europium oxyhydroxide
Hiroaki Samata;Naoki Wada;Tadashi C.Ozawa;Graduate School of Maritime Sciences;Kobe University;Fukaeminami;Higashinada;Kobe;Hyogo 658-0022;Japan;International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics;National Institute for Materials Science;Namiki;Tsukuba;Ibaraki 305-0044;Japan;
Phase, microstructure, and magnetocaloric effect of the large disc LaFe11.6Si1.4 alloy
CHEN Xiang;CHEN Yungui;XIAO Dingquan;TANG Yongbo;Engineering and Technology College;Neijiang Normal University;School of Materials Science and Engineering;Sichuan University;
Impact of Yb3+/Er3+ ions on crystallization of phosphosilicate glass melts
LU Qiang;LIU Shujiang;CAO Wanqiang;ZHAO Ping;Key Laboratory of Processing and Testing Technology of Glass & Functional Ceramics of Shandong Province;Qilu University of Technology;Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center for Advanced Organic Chemical Materials;School of Materials Science and Engineering;Hubei University;
Structure properties and sintering densification of Gd2Zr2O7 nanoparticles prepared via different acid combustion methods
MA Lei;MA Weimin;SUN Xudong;LIU Jianan;JI Lianyong;SONG Han;Key Laboratory for Anisotropy and Texture of Materials;Northeastern University;Key Laboratory for Advanced Ceramics and Application of Shenyang;School of Material Science and Engineering;Shenyang University of Chemical Technology;
A novel two-step processing method for fabrication of in situ Al2O3np/Al-Al11Ce3 nanocomposite
ZHANG Zhenya;YANG Rui;ZHAO Yutao;LIU Manping;CHEN Gang;School of Materials Science and Engineering;Jiangsu University;
Liquid-liquid extraction and separation of total rare earth(RE) metals from polymetallic manganese nodule leaching solution
P.K.Parhi;K.H.Park;C.W.Nam;J.T.Park;Mineral Resources Research Division;Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources;Daejeon 305-350;Republic of Korea;School of Applied Science and Center of Industrial Technology;KIIT University;Bhubaneswar 751024;Odisha;India;
Sensitive and fast response ethanol chemical sensor based on as-grown Gd2O3 nanostructures
M.M.Abdullah;Mohammed M.Rahman;Houcine Bouzid;M.Faisal;Sher Bahadar Khan;S.A.Al-Sayari;Adel A.Ismail;Promising Centre for Sensors and Electronic Devices;College of Science and Arts;Najran University;P.O. Box-1988;Najran 11001;Saudi Arabia;Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials Research & Chemistry Department;King Abdulaziz University;P.O. Box 80203;Jeddah 21589;Saudi Arabia;Laboratory of Ferroelectric Materials;Faculty of Sciences of Sfax;Route Soukra Km 35;B.P. 802;F-3018 Sfax;Tunisia;College of Science and Arts-Sharoura;Najran University;P.O. Box-1988;Najran 11001;Saudi Arabia;Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute;P.O.Box: 87;Helwan 11421;Cairo;Egypt;
Study of yttrium and cerium on the oxidation resistance of silicide coatings prepared on Ti-6Al-4V alloy by pack-cementation process
YU Wenhai;TIAN Jin;TIAN Wei;ZHAO Jun;LI Yongquan;LIU Yanzheng;China United Northwest Institute for Design and Research;School of Aeronautics;Northwestern Polytechnical University;School of Environmental & Municipal Engineering;Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology;