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Journal of Rare Earths
2014 Issue 2
Precious metal-support interaction in automotive exhaust catalysts
ZHENG Tingting;HE Junjun;ZHAO Yunkun;XIA Wenzheng;HE Jieli;State-Local Joint Engineer Laboratory of Precious Metal Catalytic Technology and Application;Kunming Sino-platinum Metals Catalysts Co. Ltd.;State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technologies for Comprehensive Utilization of Platinum Metals;Kunming Institute of Precious Metals;
Structure and oxygen storage capacity of Pd/Pr/CeO2-ZrO2 catalyst:effects of impregnated praseodymia
RAN Rui;ZHANG Hongwei;WU Xiaodong;FAN Jun;WENG Duan;Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials;School of Materials Science and Engineering;Tsinghua University;The Administrative Centre for China’s Agenda 21;
CO oxidation over CuO catalysts supported on CeO2-ZrO2 prepared by microwave-assisted co-precipitation:The influence of CuO content
YANG Zhiqiang;MAO Dongsen;GUO Xiaoming;LU Guanzhong;Research Institute of Applied Catalysis;School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering;Shanghai Institute of Technology;
Preparation of ultrafine Ce-based oxide nanoparticles and their catalytic performances for diesel soot combustion
WEI Yuechang;ZHAO Zhen;JIAO Jinqing;LIU Jian;DUAN Aijun;JIANG Guiyuan;State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil Processing;China University of Petroleum;
Influence of MnO2 modification methods on the catalytic performance of CuO/CeO2 for NO reduction by CO
YAO Xiaojiang;XIONG Yan;SUN Jingfang;GAO Fei;DENG Yu;TANG Changjin;DONG Lin;Key Laboratory of Mesoscopic Chemistry of MOE;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering;Nanjing University;Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Vehicle Emissions Control;Center of Modern Analysis;Nanjing University;
Promotional effect of CO pretreatment on CuO/CeO2 catalyst for catalytic reduction of NO by CO
GU Xianrui;LI Hao;LIU Lichen;TANG Changjin;GAO Fei;DONG Lin;Key Laboratory of Mesoscopic Chemistry of MOE;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering;Nanjing University;Center of Modern Analysis;Nanjing University;
Synthesis of mesoporous CeO2-MnOx binary oxides and their catalytic performances for CO oxidation
ZHAN Wangcheng;ZHANG Xinye;GUO Yanglong;WANG Li;GUO Yun;LU Guanzhong;Key Laboratory for Advanced Materials;Research Institute of Industrial Catalysis;East China University of Science and Technology;
Surface reactive species on MnOx(0.4)-CeO2 catalysts towards soot oxidation assisted with pulse dielectric barrier discharge
FU Mingli;LIN Junmin;ZHU Wenbo;WU Junliang;CHEN Limin;HUANG Bichun;YE Daiqi;College of Environment and Energy;South China University of Technology;Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Environment and Pollution Control;Guangdong High Education Engineering Technology Research Center for Air Pollution Control;Key Lab of Ministry of Education for Pollution Control and Ecosystem Restoration in Industry Clusters;
Promotional effects of samarium on Co3O4 spinel for CO and CH4 oxidation
XU Xianglan;HAN Hong;LIU Jianjun;LIU Wenming;LI Wenlong;WANG Xiang;Institute of Applied Chemistry;Department of Chemistry;Nanchang University;
Synthesis of LaxK1–xCoO3 nanorod and their catalytic performances for CO oxidation
LIU Jian;WANG Jiqiu;ZHAO Zhen;XU Chunming;WEI Yuechang;DUAN Aijun;JIANG Guiyuan;State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil;College of Science;China University of Petroleum;
Promotional effects of cerium doping and NO_x on the catalytic soot combustion over MnMgAlO hydrotalcite-based mixed oxides
LI Qian;WANG Xiao;CHANG Wei;CHEN Hui;ZHANG Zhaoliang;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering;Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Fluorine Chemistry and Chemical Materials;University of Jinan;
Study of methane autothermal reforming catalyst
NI Changjun;PAN Liwei;YUAN Zhongshan;CAO Lei;WANG Shudong;University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics;Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Synthesis of rare earth metal-organic frameworks(Ln-MOFs) and their properties of adsorption desulfurization
LIU Xiang;WANG Jingyan;LI Qingyuan;JIANG Sai;ZHANG Tianhao;JI Shengfu;State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering;Beijing University of Chemical Technology;