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China Sports Coaches

ISSN 1006-8732 
Organizer: zhong hua ti yu zong hui ke jiao bu shang hai ti yu xue yuan  
Publisher: zhong guo ti yu jiao lian yuan bian ji bu  
Description: "China Sports Coach" magazine as sports coaches, sports training services directly to the researchers, team management, physical education teachers, the majority of sports fans as the audience. The main contents are summarized the experience of coaches, advanced training concepts and methods of introduction, summary of comments and other large events, financial academic, knowledge, and practicality in one. Over the years, as the only one to improve the overall quality of sports coaches for the purpose of the professional journal publications, "China's sports coaches," reported the events of the sports sector, the leadership of an important speech and the spirit of the important sports meeting development of the Chinese sports spirit, introduced outstanding deeds of Coaches and gold provincial sports team coaches and a good experience, excellent research papers published and dynamic information. (Translated by machine.)