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China Digital TV

ISSN 1673-3304 
Organizer: xin xi chan ye bu dian zi ke xue ji shu qing bao yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhong guo shu zi dian shi bian ji bu  
Description: June 2004, Computer World Media Group and the China Video Industry Association strike, strong launch "China Digital TV" (monthly, domestic ISSN CN11-5400/TN; international ISSN ISSN 1673-3304; Youfadaihao 80 -483). Journal Circulation 80,000 copies, issued covering industry, operating sector, the investment community, high-end consumers and other interested persons the field of digital television industry. "China Digital TV" comprehensive coverage of network operators, system equipment and solutions, consumer electronics, terminal, content and value-added services, the core part of the four industries, across radio and television, home appliances, communications, three main areas. Adhering to the concept of integration, "China Digital TV" to promote China digital TV industry and market healthy, orderly and rapid development of responsibility, integration of government departments, industry associations, broadcasters, telecommunications operators and industrial manufacturing companies a lot of resources, is digital audio and video industry spokesperson, is the first digital TV convergence world, the growth of China, the authority of the industry media. Publication sponsored by the China Digital TV Industry Summit Forum (CDTF) (so far successfully held three), IPTV in China Summit (success so far second), the annual Festival of China Digital TV (so far success-second), has become the digital TV industry The most well-known industry conference. Publication sponsored by the Kyushu-line digital television, has become China's digital TV industry, the influential national tour events. (Translated by machine.)