Journal of Desert Research 2012 Issue 4 A Research Review on Aerodynamic Effects of Shelter Fences
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Journal of Desert Research
2012 Issue 4
A Research Review on Aerodynamic Effects of Shelter Fences
luo wan yin ; dong zhi bao ; qian guang qiang ; ma li peng
Analysis of Wind-blown Sand Environment in the Singing Sand Mountain & Crescent Moon Spring Scenic Spot in Dunhuang,China
zhang ke cun ; niu qing he ; qu jian jun ; an zhi shan ; zhang wei min
Study on Dynamic Changes of Aeolian Desertification Lands around Qinghai Lake in Recent 30Years based on Remote Sensing and GIS
hu meng ; tian li hui ; zhang deng shan ; li sen ; gao shang yu
Sand Saltation in the South Margin of the Taklimakan Desert—A Case Study in Cele County
yang xing hua ; he qing ; huo wen ; ai li mai mai ti ming ; liu xin chun
Blown Sand Activities in Spring in the Desert Transitional Zone of the Taklimakan Desert—A Case in Xiaotang Area
yang xing hua ; li hong jun ; he qing ; ai li mai mai ti ming ; huo wen ; liu xin chun
A Review of Proxy Data Used for the Northern Hemispheric Temperature Reconstruction over the Past 1000 Years: A case study of stalagmite
kang shu zuo ; yang bao ; shi feng ; liu jing jing ; he min hui
Spatiotemporal Distribution and Inorganic Ion Concentration of Total Suspended Particles in Tarim Basin in 2009
zhong yu zuo ; liu xin chun ; fan zi ang ; he qing
Modeling on Winter Snow Accumulation Depth and Its Prediction in the Southern Pastoral Areas of Qinghai
shi xing he ; li lin ; chen xiao guang ; dai sheng ; shen hong yan ; yang yan hua ; liu cai hong
Holocene Environmental Change Recorded by Core Magnetic Properties of Juyan Lake,Northwestern China
liu yu hang ; xia dun sheng ; jin ming ; zhang jun hui
Spatiotemporal Changes of Precipitation and Temperature at Water Resources Conservation Forests Area in Qilian Mountains,China
jin ming ; che zong zuo ; jing wen mao ; zhao wei jun ; ma zuo ; liu si rui
Climate Fluctuations during the Earlier Last Glacial Reflected by the MGS4 Segment in the Salawusu River Valley,China
si yue jun ; li bao sheng ; wen xiao hao ; yang yi ; du shu huan ; niu dong feng ; wang feng nian ; zhao xin zuo ; wang jiang long
Relationship between Spring Sandstorm Frequency in the Tarim Basin and Atmospheric Circulation
li hong jun ; yang xing hua ; zhao yong ; wang min zhong ; huo wen
Responses of Different Winter Wheat Cultivars to Sodium Salt and Drought Treatments
yang shu de ; zhou rui lian ; zuo jin cheng ; wang yan fang ; zhao ha lin ; zhao xue yong
Variation of Dust Storm Days in Tarim Basin and Its Relation with North Atlantic Oscillation
zhao yong ; li hong jun ; he qing
Influence of Abnormal Westerly Jet on Extreme Weather in Spring in Gansu Province
zhang sheng cai ; yang xian rong ; zhang jin quan ; wang jin song ; cai guang zhen ; zuo xu dong ; zhao zhi wen
Change of Extreme Climate Events in Shaanxi Province under Global Warming Background
cai xin ling ; wu su liang ; he zuo ; jiang chuang ye ; sun zuo ; gao hong yan ; zheng guang fen
Numerical Simulation of Rainstorm in Tianshan Mountains Area
zhu wei jun ; liao zuo yi ; he qing ; zuo qi long
Spatialtemporal Variations of Thunderstorms in Aksu,Xinjiang,China
ai li mai mai ti ming ; a ji gu li sha yi ti ; he qing ; huo wen ; yang xing hua ; liu xin chun
Morphological and Physiological Characteristics of Almond under Low Temperature Stress and Its Cold Resistance
ji chun rong ; zou chen ; chen cong min ; liu li hong ; li xin jian
Rainfall Canopy Partitioning and Its Influencing Factors of Riparian Shrub in the Alpine Region
ma yu jun ; gao shang yu ; li xiao yan ; lu rui jie ; zhang si yi ; li guang yong
Micro-scale Spatial Heterogeneity of Vegetation Community and Soil Organic Matter under Different Grazing Intensities
wu yun na ; zuo wen tao ; huo guang wei ; lv jian zhou ; li hai shan ; hu gao wa
A Sensitive Experiment of Impact of Tianshan Mountains Landform on a Rainstorm Process
ma yu fen ; zhao ling ; zhao yong
Numerical Simulation and Diagnosis Analysis of "3.12" Sandstorm in South Xinjiang
jia li hong ; li hai yan ; li ru zuo ; tang hao ; huo wen
Source of Soil Condensation Water in the Gurbantunggut Desert
chen rong yi
Remote Sensing Monitoring of Oasis Spatial-temporal Changes in Alxa during Recent 35 Years
xie jia li ; yan chang zhen ; li sen ; li bo
Analysis on Vulnerability of Ecological Environment System of Oasis Cities in Xinjiang
gao chao ; lei jun ; jin feng jun ; zhang xiao lei
Calculation and Analysis on Wind Erosion Climatic Erosivity in the Tarim Basin
yang xing hua ; he qing ; li hong jun ; huo wen ; ding guo feng
Land Cover Changes and Their Influences on Dust Transportation Simulated Using GRAPES-SDM in Minqin and Its Surrounding Area,Gansu,China
cai di hua ; zhao jian hua ; li yao hui ; duan hai xia ; guo zuo ; yang qi guo
Precipitation Variation from 1775 to 2005 at the Eastern Margin of Tengger Desert,China Inferred from Tree-ring
fan zi ang ; wei wen shou ; chen feng ; yuan yu jiang
Tree-ring Reconstruction of Mean June-July Temperature during 1613-2006 in East Altay,Xinjiang of China
hu yi cheng ; yuan yu jiang ; wei wen shou ; zhang rui bo ; zhang tong wen ; shang hua ming ; chen feng
Tourism Development of Aeolian Geomorphosites in the Kumtagh Desert,China
wu jin feng ; guo feng ; wang zuo ; li lei
Reconstruction of Minimum Temperature Field in June-July During 1787-2005 in the West Sichuan Plateau
yu shu long ; yuan yu jiang ; wei wen shou ; shang hua ming ; zhang tong wen ; chen feng ; zhang rui bo
Disaster Degree and Risk Degree of Wind Disasters in Xinjiang
xia dai meng ; he qing ; li jun ; liu yan
Response of Herdsmen's Behavior to the Policy of Grazing Grassland Fencing:A case in alpine pasture area of Maqu County,Gansu,China
gong da zuo ; jin wen jie ; zuo xue cheng ; zuo han bo ; guan xiao kang
Wind Field at Boundary Layer in Hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert
wang ke ; he qing ; wang min zhong ; hu yue hong ; li xiao hui
Study on Behavior Intentions of Desert Tourism Based on Survey of Perceptive Images
wang zuo ; wu jin feng ; guo feng ; li lei
Surface Radiation Budget in Hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert
li shuai ; hu lie qun ; he qing ; zuo zhi de ; wu xin ping
Vertical Distribution of Dust Aerosol Mass Concentration in Hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert
liu xin chun ; zhong yu zuo ; he qing ; yang xing hua ; ai li mai mai ti ming
Simulation Experiment on Response of Cotton during Flowering and Boll Stages to Low Temperature by Artificial Climatic Box in Shihezi,Xinjiang of China
zou chen ; chen dong hua ; ji chun rong ; yang ju fang ; yin yu hong ; li xin jian