Journal of Desert Research 2010 Issue 4 Coastal Sandy Land Change in Changli Gold Coast of Hebei Povince in the Latest 50 Years
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Journal of Desert Research
2010 Issue 4
Coastal Sandy Land Change in Changli Gold Coast of Hebei Povince in the Latest 50 Years
Wugetemole;DONG Yu-xiang;Hasi Eerdun;LI Shuang-quan
Analysis on Land Use/Cover Change during 1990-2005 in Shule River Basin
ZHENG Xiao;WANG Nai-ang;LI Zhuo-lun;ZHANG Xue-min;WANG Lei
Factors Influencing Threshold Wind Velocity of Sand Particles
WU Jian-jun;SUN Huan-qing;HE Li-hong
Water-loss Rate of Insect Tenebrionidae in Arid Region
ZHONG Xiao-ying;L(U) Zhao-zhi;QIAN Yi;LIANG Hong-bin;SONG Jing;ZHANG Jiang-guo
Holocene Loess and its Deposition Dynamics in the Upper Reaches of the Huaihe River
HE Zhong;HUANG Chun-chang;ZHOU Jie;PANG Jiang-li;LI Xin-yan;WANG Li-jun;LONG Hao
Influencing Factors of Repose Angle of Sand Dunes: an experiment
LIU Jian-bao;WANG Nai-ang;CHENG Hong-yi;YANG Wen-tao;GUO Zhi-qian
Ecological Vulnerability Assessment based on Land Degradation Data in Gansu Province
ZHANG Long-sheng;WANG Jian-hong;SHANG Li-zhao
Evaluating Effect of Land Use Change on Environment in Ili Valley based on Ecosystem Service Value Analysis
CHEN Zhong-sheng;CHEN Ya-ning;LI Wei-hong;CHEN Ya-peng
Lidar Detection of a Sand-dust Process in Dalian, Liaoning, China
HUANG Ting;SONG Yu;HU Wen-dong;GUO Ben-jun
Dust Emission by Wind Erosion in Spring and Summer at Tazhong of Taklimakan Desert
YANG Xing-hua;HE Qing;Ali·Mamtimin
Soil Types and Their Distribution Pattern in the Kumtagh Desert
XIAO Hong-lang;XIAO Sheng-chun;DONG Zhi-bao;ZOU Song-bing;SONG Yao-xuan
Nonlinear Characteristics of Climatic Factors in Oasis of Arid Northwest China: A case study of Shihezi, Xinjiang
LING Hong-bo;XU Hai-liang;SHI Wei;ZHANG Qing-qing
Measuring the Velocity of Particles in an Aeolian Saltation Cloud: A comparison of several commonly used methods
DONG Zhi-bao;QIAN Guang-qiang;LUO Wan-yin;WANG Hong-tao
Spatial and Temporal Pattern of Sand-dust Storms in China During 1958-2007
WANG Cun-zhong;NIU Sheng-jie;WANG Lan-ning
Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Stratiform Clouds over Qilian Mountains and Circulation Characteristic
CHEN Shao-yong;SHI Guang-pu;DONG An-xiang;ZHANG Xiao-fen
Research Progress in Morphology and Evolution of the Parabolic Dunes
YAN Na;Hasi Eerdun;LIU Huai-quan;LI Shuang-quan
Characteristics of Snow Cover and Sand-dust Events and Their Correlation in Gurbantunggut Desert
LI Yang;Ali Mamtimin;LIU Yan;ZHANG Pu;JI Chun-rong
Litter Decomposition Rates of Three Shrub Species in Horqin Sandy Land and Their Relationship with Key Meteorological Factors
QU Hao;ZHAO Xue-yong;ZHAO Ha-lin;WANG Shao-kun;LI Yan-qing;LIU Zhi-guo
Primary Oxides Change in MGS2 in Salawusu River Valley and Indicated Climatic Change
LI Hou-xin;LI Bao-sheng;WEN Xiao-hao;OU Xian-jiao;LI Zhi-wen;NIU Dong-feng;DU Shu-huan
Profiles of Atmosphere Boundary Layer Ozone in Winter over Hinterland of Taklimakan Desert
HE Qing;LIU Qiang;YANG Xing-hua;Ali Mamtimin;HUO Wen;LIANG Yun
Influence of Dust Storm on Air Quality of Cities in Middle Liaoning Province in Spring of 2007
ZHOU De-ping;WANG Yang-feng;HONG Ye;LIU Ning-wei
Climate Variation of Different Elevation Zones in Qilian Mountains
CHE Zong-xi;LIU Xian-de;LI Bing-xin;CHE Zong-qi;JING Wen-mao;ZHAO Wei-jun;LIU Ming-long
Response of Desert Herb Synusia to Fire
HE Hao-yu;LI Xin-rong;LI Xiao-jun;SU Jie-qiong;Liu Yang;Guo Qun
Common Judgment Indices of Intensity of Blown-sand Activity and Their Applications: An review
LI Jin-chang;SU Zhi-zhu;HU Guang-yin
Atmospheric Dustfall Variation and Factor Analysis in Tarim Basin
LIU Xin-chun;ZHONG Yu-ting;WANG Min-zhong;HE Qing;Ali Mamtimin;BAI Lin-min