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Chinese Journal of Neuroimmunology and Neurology

ISSN 1006-2963 
Organizer: wei sheng bu bei jing yi yuan zhong guo mian yi xue hui shen jing mian yi xue fen hui  
Publisher: zhong guo shen jing mian yi xue he shen jing bing xue za zhi she  
Description: Publication is the only associated with the Journal of Neuroimmunology Neurology. The Journal of Head of Health, Ministry of Health Beijing Hospital, the Chinese Society of Immunology Neuroimmunology organized first issue has been at home and abroad, now is the source journals and scientific papers statistics Chinese Science Citation Database, Chinese Academy of source journals. Articles Piyou related diseases and neurological and immunological diseases, nervous system common feature stories, a variety of issues surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of clinical neurology and basic research monographs, review, case reports, abstracts, presentations and other columns. Into account the popularization and improvement. Neuroimmunology both reported associated with the content, including the general aspects of neurology. Suitable for the majority of medical personnel to read. (Translated by machine.)