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Chinese Journal of Forensic Sciences

ISSN 1671-2072 
Organizer: si fa bu si fa jian ding ke xue ji shu yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhong guo si fa jian ding bian ji bu  
Description: Publication fully reflect the field of forensic science and technology system construction, involving identification of the contents of reform, including judicial and legal construction, management, education, forensic technology, such as the theory and research. With the development of forensic expertise for the identification of social services will continue to extend the surface. Technology, such as physical evidence, poison (drugs), forensic accounting, construction, antique jewelry, etc., can be identified. Magazine columns with system reform, Forensic Science, Academic Sharon, case selection, interviews, information window, the foreign text pages, etc., both before the identification of scientific theories of governance, but also a wide range of information content fresh, and lively can be a sense of fun. (Translated by machine.)