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China Ropeway

ISSN 1009-685X 
Organizer: chang sha jiao tong xue yuan  
Publisher: zhong guo suo dao bian ji bu  
Description: "China's cable" by the PRC Ministry of Science and the State Press and Publication Administration approved the only one open for the publication and distribution of domestic and international cable journal, magazine for national cable at the professional level transportation engineering core journals . The overhead covers passenger and cargo cableway, chute research, design, education, manufacturing, installation, operation, safety testing, environmental planning, international business, tourism, transportation, infrastructure projects and other aspects. The main columns are: monographs and review, design and research, technology and management, introduction and digestion, accident and learn from cable and tourism, cable and the environment, science gallery, History of cable, cable people, exotic silhouette, the industry situation and so on. Peer review, and miscellaneous editing; blog post with mercy, informative; tastes and interesting; Panel compatible, practical; one published in a hand, an overview of the world! "China's cable," Exploring the road to success! (Translated by machine.)