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Agricultural History of China

ISSN 1000-4459 
Organizer: zhong guo nong ye li shi xue hui zhong guo nong ke yuan nan jing nong ye da xue zhong guo nong ye yi chan yan jiu shi  
Publisher: zhong guo nong shi bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine (quarterly) charge by the Ministry of Education, the State-level Agricultural History Society and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University Agricultural Research Center jointly organized by the agricultural heritage of the history of professional academic journals. Journal founded in 1981. So far, 85 have been published, more than 1,400 published articles, over 1,200 million words, to become a recognized academic journal one of the three major domestic economic history. Since 1992, this issue had been rated for 3 times, all Chinese Core Journals for History is a database of Chinese Social Science Citation journals and sources of Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals. In addition, the journal article was also published in the United States, "History Digest," "American History and Life" and "Chinese Geographical Science Digest" magazine excerpts and reproduced in the international community has an important impact. (Translated by machine.)