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China's Refractories

ISSN 1004-4493 
Organizer: luo yang nai huo cai liao yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: zhong guo nai huo cai liao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the National Science and Technology Commission approved in 1992 founded, organized by the Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research, China's refractory industry is currently only an English magazine, is now quarterly. Publication has been out since 11 (including this year), scholars at home and abroad, entrepreneurs, businessmen welcome. Currently twenty magazines and established foreign exchange, for example, the United States "Ceramic Association Journal and the British" refractories and ceramics, "Germany" ceramic Forum ", Belgium's" Portland ", French" ceramic industry ", Japan's" fire-resistant material, "and so on. and with several well-known publications of secondary literature search also established close ties. at home and abroad the number of subscribers and subscriptions, amounting to more than 1,000 of the exchange / year, mainly in foreign subscribers United States, Britain, India, Japan, Germany, France, South Africa, Argentina, and South East Asia and the Arab and other countries. The magazine reflects the current development status of Chinese refractories. thesis related to materials, technology, production and application of new progress and renewal of equipment. In addition to research reports and papers, review and prospects, but also reported some statistics published by the State, anti into the export market information and so on. Meanwhile, I can advertise and factories and mines s profile. was founder of the journal The main purpose is to let the world understand China refractories, refractory materials in China and the world trying to refractory set up an information bridge between peers. In particular, China has joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), we need more participation in the international market competition, then through the "China Refractory Materials," the introduction, is undoubtedly an important channel. So far, the "China Refractory Materials," the introduction or through the "China Refractory", a made contact with foreign merchants and, ultimately, refractory products and raw materials exports more than a dozen companies. we all know, through 20 years of reform and opening up refractories, both in raw material quality or the quality of manufactured goods have made considerable progress, some have been close to or exceed the foreign advanced level. In the past, policies closed, the refractory industry with the outside world due to less export channels less, most will be less exports. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up policy, the increasing exchanges with international counterparts, China's export of refractory materials and products increased year by year, but Compared with the production of refractory materials in China, far from enough. especially in the increasingly competitive domestic market conditions, is an important way for lack of exports. and therefore require more involvement of the media to friends from abroad, and expand export channels. (Translated by machine.)