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Journal of the Party School of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee

ISSN 1008-4479 
Organizer: zhong gong ning bo shi wei dang xiao ning bo shi xing zheng xue yuan  
Publisher: zhong gong ning bo shi wei dang xiao xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: School is the publication to learn, advocacy, research important position of Marxism as purpose of the magazine, pragmatic, with the times, and initiated a new theory, push Chonghou Jun, efforts to promote theoretical innovation and explore new ideas of social development services. Magazine founded not long, but it has been widely acclaimed scholars and readers. According to March 5, 2005, "Guangming Daily" published by Renmin University of China Books and Information Center in 2004, "Information and Data," reproduced in the amount of ranking of our school into the National Party schools among the top 30 journals. Statistics released in 2005 show of our school to re-enter the country of Party schools among the top 30 journals. (Translated by machine.)