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Journal of Medicine & Pharmacy of Chinese Minorities

ISSN 1006-6810 
Organizer: quan guo zhong yi yao tu shu qing bao gong wei hui nei meng gu zhong meng yi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhong guo min zu yi yao za zhi she  
Description: Journal founded in 1995, is in charge by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the National Library and Information Working Committee of Chinese medicine and organized health department of Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia in the Mongolian Institute hosted a national level the only comprehensive national medical academic journals. Publication by the National Statistics as the source of the Chinese Journal of Scientific Papers, Chinese Academic Journal (CD) contains full-text journals, abstracts Chinese core journal, published by the state identified as the application of media ads for prescription drugs. The main publication of information regarding the theory of our national pharmaceutical, clinical reports, prescription application, combined with modern medical research, development and utilization of national medicine, laboratory reports, teaching experience, research summary, historical documents, doctors described, treatments introduction, literature review and work on the market. (Translated by machine.)