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China Molybdenum Industry

ISSN 1006-2602 
Organizer: jin dui cheng zuo ye gong si shan xi sheng you se jin shu xie hui zhong guo you se jin shu gong ye xie hui zuo ye fen hui  
Publisher: zhong guo zuo ye bian ji bu  
Description: Molybdenum industry journal is the only professional technical publications, molybdenum industry in China and abroad have a greater impact, by six Chinese Academy of Engineering as a magazine consultant. This publication published a total of molybdenum and (with) the technology and achievements of the metal, also reported molybdenum market conditions at home and abroad, business management experience, proprietary information. Waiver of publication charge to the referees fees and page charges, and the implementation of excellent pay excellent draft. (Translated by machine.)