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Chinese Journal of Aesthetic Medicine

ISSN 1008-6455 
Organizer: xi an jiao tong da xue di si jun yi da xue  
Publisher: zhong guo mei rong yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: AESTHETIC MEDICINE "," Xi'an Jiaotong University and co-hosted the Fourth Military Medical University, a national medical journals. Launched in June 1992, formerly known as "Chinese Journal of Aesthetic Medicine", after the academic development needs and according to relevant experts repeatedly argues that 1 in 1998 changed its name to "Chinese Aesthetic Medicine", the same year in November to obtain a formal Issues : ISSN 1008-6455, CN 61-1347 / R, by the head of the Ministry of Health, published bimonthly, domestic and international public offering. After the merger of the original organizers Ru Xian Jiaotong University, Xi'an Medical University in charge of units provided by the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Education. AESTHETIC MEDICINE "," Fourth Editorial Board in July 2002 at the Beijing International Convention Center, attended by experts and professors from around the country nearly 100, most of the medical profession is the beauty authority and the academic reputation well-known scholars. Congress established the academic cream together, thinking of running fine plastic journals, periodicals after the meeting, from cover design to the layout of binding and have done a more substantial changes, on the part have done a more reasonable set of adjustment, making the journal more forward-looking, practical and readable, the journal of the stereotypes and laid a good foundation. AESTHETIC MEDICINE "," medical experts at home and abroad, beauty care and support and enthusiasm help, through the joint efforts of fourth Editorial Board, Journal of academic quality has improved significantly and was widely praised by the National Science and Technology in 2002 included in the Chinese scientific papers Source Journals (core journals Science and Technology of China), and was at home and abroad six institutions included a large database and retrieval. 2003 won the first national "CAJ-CD specification," Journal of the implementation of outstanding awards. 2004 has been Russia's "Digest Magazine" and "Chemical Abstracts" as included journals, made the pace with international standards. AESTHETIC MEDICINE "," always adhere to the principle of serving readers and writers, adhere to standardized publishing and scientific, rigorous, efficient, fast working attitude, to unite, knowledge, innovation, Zhengyou spirit of enterprise culture, designed to create a Chinese characteristics of medical disciplines beauty services, promoting research, clinical-oriented, strengthening horizontal linkages of the relevant disciplines, to reflect the disciplines and the latest progress in research, dissemination and exchange of international and domestic new business cosmetic medicine, new technologies, research and theory lessons learned, guidance and help readers improve professional training and technical level, to promote the development and construction disciplines. The main sections are open: basic research, academic trends, cosmetic plastic surgery, cosmetic eye ear, nose, oral and maxillofacial cosmetic, cosmetic dentistry, skin and laser beauty, beauty of Chinese medicine, review, lectures, cutting-edge tracking and foreign cosmetic medical information . Readers for the beauty subjects related to medicine clinicians, professional beauticians and cosmetic medicine in research, teaching, management staff. "Chinese Aesthetic Medicine" as the beauty of the whole subject of medical journals, involving multiple disciplines in the medical field and comprehensive interdisciplinary, innovative, and information widely, with the publication of a short cycle, the rationale for compatible cases, illustrated, practical and so on. Chinese medicine and cosmetic laser cosmetic part of the establishment of the skin to make it more with Chinese characteristics and improve the academic development needs. Over the years, to promote international and domestic academic exchanges, development and prosperity of China's medical cause of beauty and play its due role and make a positive contribution. (Translated by machine.)