Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China 2015 Issue 5 Research on Route Crossing Point and Route Segment Capacity Models Based on One-way Loop Route
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Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China
2015 Issue 5
Current Status and Perspectives of Onboard Flame Arresters
Liu minghui;,Liu Weihua;,Pan Jun;,Wang Xiaoping;,Feng Shiyu;
Airport CDM System Theory Research Based on Integration of Departure and Arrival
Hu Pan;,Wang Lili;,Zhai Wenpeng;
Numerical Simulation of Airport Wind Field Under Complex Terrain Conditions Based on CFD Analysis
Jiang Lihui;,Guo Wei;,ZhuangZibo;,Yu Liang;,27
Dynamic Pricing Method Research on High-end Economy Class
An Ning;,Xu Yuefang;
The Effect of Winter Weather to Flight at Dalian Airport
Yu Jiasong;,Han Wei;
Discussion on Modifications of Pilot English Proficiency Examination of China
Wu Tuxing;,Zhang Yongzhong;,Zhong yuan;
Discussion on the Viewpoint of ‘Bird Strikes Mostly Happen Nearby the Airports’
Cui zhenxin;,Lu zheng;,Zheng jiangping;
Stevenson and the Religious Exploration in Ebb-Tide
Diao Yan;
Study on Teaching Mode Reform of Aviation English in the Perspective of Communicative Approach
Gao Peixin;,Han Jiajia;,Ma Qianqian;,Wang Ruixian;
Discussion on Chinese National Standard of Airport Layout Planning
Dai Teqi;,Zheng Qingjing;,Zhang Yuhan;,Tao Zhuolin;
Research on Airlines Operation Management Reform Based on CDIO Education Model
Zhao Ningning;,Zhao Yuting;