Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China 2015 Issue 2 Expert System for the Priority of Flight Conflict Resolution between Two Airplanes
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Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China
2015 Issue 2
WRF Simulation of Low-level Wind Field Based on SRTM Digital Elevation Model
Jiang Lihui;,Xu Haoran;,Zhuang Zibo;,Guo Wei;,22
Research on Fault Detection Based on Wavelet in Airport Power Cable Line
Luo Yunlin;,Huang Xiuzhu;
Research on the Influence of Obstacles in the Airport Terminal Area on DME Ground Station
Feng Weiqi;,Zhang Xianhao;,Xiang Shuoling;
Discussion on Verification Methods of Civil Aircraft Technical Publications
Li Qingqing;,Cao Yi;,Sun Youchao;,Cui Canli;
Combination Forecasting For Approach Control's Traffic Flow
Zhu Chengyuan;,Wang Hongfang;
The Design of Flight Simulation Test Scheme Based on Physiological Measurement
Wei Shuixian;,Sun Youchao;
Analysis of the Bleeding System Fault of 737NG Engine
She Dengfeng;
Diagnostic Expert System for Hydraulic System of Aircraft Based on CLIPS
Zhu Xinyu;,Ma Lixuan;,Wang Weifeng;,80
Study on RSEA Based AODV Routing Protocol
Liu Qijian;,Zhang Damin;,Cheng Hongwei;
Typical Malfunction Analysis of 757-200 Aircraft ATC System
Zhang Fan;,72
A Brief Analysis of the Control Position Resource Management
Liu Zhengpai;
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