Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China 2014 Issue 2 An Analyzing Method of Airlines' Seasonal Passenger Transport Demand Based on Superimposing Trend
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Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China
2014 Issue 2
The Construction of Intelligent Transport System Based on Internet of Things
Liu Leilei;,Liu Shouxia;,Zhao Yanan;,18
Study on Electromagnetic Environment of Airport Terminal Area
Fu Qiang;,Liu Xinqiao;,Zhang Xianhao;
Aircraft Landing Gear System Modeling and Teaching Experiment Platform
Gao Zhenxing;,Gu Hongbin;,Gui Yuanyang;,25
The Analysis of the Core Quality of Civil Aviation Flight Talents
Chen Jun;,Jiang Weian;,Ou Yangting;,Yang Jun;,Zhao Tingyu;
The Analysis of Advection Sea Fog Occurred in Dalian
Gu Chengkai;,Li Ge;,Yu Jiasong;
The Aviation Weather Service under the Multi-runway Operation in China
Liu lixia;,Shen Hongbin;,Shen Hongxi;,56
The Operation Optimization Research of Airport Check-in Counter
Wang Ruiming;,Zhu Jinfu;
Research on Vibration and Balance of Aero-engine
Luo li;,Tang Qingru;
Research on Specialty Construction of Airworthiness Management Based on Aviation Safety
Yan Ying;,Yang Wenfeng;,Zhou Changchun;
Research on In-Flight Emergency Disposition Training Strategy of Primary Trainer
Liu Chengxiang;,Wei Sidong;,Xiong Junjie;
Analysis Of Tower Control At Chongqing Airport In Thunderstorm Conditions
Cheng fengling;,Cheng Zhu;,Zhong Yun;
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