Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China 2013 Issue 3 Audio and Video Real-time Communication Design and Implementation Based on Android
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Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China
2013 Issue 3
Analysis of Ambiguity Tolerance in M-Learning
Bu Lina,80
Improvement and Reflections on Cabin Service Skills Course
Gao Bin;Liu Ming;Mao Guoqiang
Psychological Intervention Organization for Civil Aviation Accident
Yao Wang;Feng Sihai;He Yuanhua
Error Analysis of Teacher Talk in Morphosyntactical Perspective
Jiang Xiaofeng
Theory and Practice of Foreign Air Battle Space Control
Cheng Jizeng;Cheng Jian,12
On Puns with Numbers
Yan Zhifeng
Interview Techniques and Cautions for Cabin Crew Candidates
Li Wenchuan;Yang Kun
Development of China's Aeronautical Information Database from EAD
Duan Lian;Yang Panpan
Painting Method for Aircraft Skin Coating at Low Temperature in Winter
Fan Zhanpeng;Li Meng