Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China 2013 Issue 2 MA600 Aircraft Integrated Avionics System Characteristics and System Comparison
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Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China
2013 Issue 2
Research on Helicopter Flight Plan Making Method over Complex Terrain Based on SuperMap
Huang Bangju;Zheng Xiaoyu;Lin Junsong;Fang Xuedong,26
Analysis of Engine Bleed Air System on Airbus 320
Pan Mingxu,54
Discussion on Human Resource of General Aviation Maintenance
Gou Lijun;Ling Yun
Inspection and Maintenance of Landing Gear System
Wang Kai;Fu Fuqiang
Split Fault Analysis on P2 of FJ44-1AP Engine
Cheng Rong;Feng Jie
Research on General Aviation Development——Aircraft Maintenance
Zou Baohua;Liu Guanzhang
Design and Implementation of Aircraft Engine Fuel System Test Software
Ding Fajun;Dai Youjun
Simulation Study on Electromagnetic Environment of Airport Terminal Area
Zhang Xianghao;Xiang Shuoling;Zhuang Xia,29
Review of Aviation English Study in the Last Two Decades
Deng Xiaoxi;Xiao Ling
International Students Admission in Higher Vocational Colleges
Liang Lidan;Li Hang;Chen Wenling
Application and Prospect of RFID Technology in Civil Aviation
Zhu Xinyu;Wu Leiming;Zhang Hongtao
tu pian xin shang封2,封4
Investigation on PEPEC Performance of Student Pilots in CAFUC
Li Junhua;Xiao Ling;Ren Xiaojun