Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China 2012 Issue 5 Translation of Parody in English Advertisements in Perspective of Functional Equivalence
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Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China
2012 Issue 5
Research on Radar Control Teaching Reform in Civil Aviation Colleges Based on Ideal of Large-scale Engineering
Zhang Jian;Yang Xinsheng;Song Xiangbo;Wang Min
Analysis on English Reading Tasks of PRETCO
Wen Zhi,65
Research on SVM Fault Diagnosis Based on Gauss Kernel
Zheng Bo
Impetus for Promoting CDIO Education
Ren Chating;He Juan
tu pian xin shang封2-封3
Feasibility of Bilingual Radiotelephony Communication Teaching to Pilots
Gao Peixin;Jiao Hongwei;Xing Linlin
Analysis on Midair ATC Safety of New Kunming International Airport
Li Yang;Yang Changqi
Rankness of Aviation Human Factor Issues Based on Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process
Feng Lipu;Jin Huibin;Du Hongbing,17
A Research on ESP in Teaching of Student Pilots
Zhao Lizhu