Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China 2012 Issue 3 Current Situation and Countermeasures for Air Traffic Controllers in English Learning
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Journal of Civil Aviation Flight University of China
2012 Issue 3
Competitiveness of Spiritual Culture in CAFUC
chen da huo ; leng wei,12
Causes and Preventions of Aviation Rubber Seal Leakage
wang hong
Optimization of Route Network of CAFUC in Sichuan
zhang jun jun ; liu zheng pai,55
Research on General Aviation Safety Information Management System Based on B/S
yang xiao qiang ; zhou chang chun ; li hai jun
WAFS Data and Analysis of Numerical Weather Forecast at Guanghan Airport
liang ming zeng ; deng wei
Influence of Low-altitude Airspace Opening on Air Traffic Control and Its Countermeasures
zhang jian ; song xiang bo ; liu yong xin ; wang jian
Study on Aircraft Intelligent Assignment of Airliners Based on Graph Coloring Model
liao feng ; liu hong ; wen jun
Research on Contract Management and Prevention of Legal Risk in University
che tong ; luo ya guang
Application of Human Factors in Cockpit Space Layout Design
luo xiao li ; zhang zuo,38