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China's Manganese Industry

ISSN 1002-4336 
Organizer: quan guo meng ye ji shu wei yuan hui hu nan te zhong jin shu cai liao chang  
Publisher: hu nan te zhong jin shu cai liao chang  
Description: This publication is the first in China to promote manganese ore industry, geology, mining, mineral processing, metallurgical, chemical, materials and related industries produce advanced technology and exchange of experience featuring the domestic and international public offering of integrated technology journals, but also Metallurgical technology is currently the largest circulation periodicals, the most extensive coverage of science and technology journals. To reported manganese, metallurgical materials in geology, mining, ore selecting, sintering, metallurgy and light industry products, manganese, battery raw materials, application technology and related industries, production technology and scientific research-based, and introduced the foreign experience and dynamic: Piyou research papers, production technology, comprehensive review, analysis and testing, exchange of experience, business management, foreign dynamic, enterprise tracking, presentations, information and other columns. "China's Manganese Industry," the purpose of the magazine is the leading advocate of modern science and technology for the development of China's Manganese Industry.  (Translated by machine.)