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ISSN 1001-7232 
Organizer: bei jing lin ye da xue zhong guo lin ye jiao yu xue hui  
Publisher: zhong guo lin ye jiao yu bian ji bu  
Description: Is the Beijing Forestry University and co-sponsored by China Forestry Education Society national forestry education publications, domestic and overseas public offering. The purpose of the magazine is to uphold the party's four cardinal principles, advocacy of the party and the country's educational policy, implementation of the State Forestry Education's instructions; close to reality, exploring the law of forestry education, communication to promote forestry education reform teaching, management, research and other aspects of experience; describes the status of forestry education at home and abroad, trends, and educational research activities to promote reform and development of forestry education. Readers for the various types of forestry institutions at all levels, educational administrative departments of the cadres, teachers, students and other persons concerned with forestry education.  (Translated by machine.)