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Journal of Chinese Historical Geography

ISSN 1001-5205 
Organizer: shan xi shi fan da xue  
Publisher: shan xi shi fan da xue bian ji bu  
Description: Journal publication by the Ministry of Education, Humanities and social sciences key research base of the Northwest Historical Environment, Shaanxi Normal University and the Economic and Social Development Research Center of editing and publishing, and its founder, former editor of Professor Shi Nianhai is a famous historical geographer and geography of China's modern history one of the founders of historical geography in the Loess Plateau, China and research aspects, such as the ancient capital have made pioneering contributions. He studied the current editor of Professor Zhu Shiguang history of the famous geographer Professor Hou Renzhi, in the history of physical geography, historical geography and the ancient capital city research, theoretical research in the field of historical geography has profound attainments.  (Translated by machine.)