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Chinese Journal of Geriatric Care

ISSN 1672-4860 
Organizer: zhong guo lao nian bao jian yi xue yan jiu hui  
Publisher: zhong guo lao nian bao jian yi xue za zhi she  
Description: Purpose of the magazine the magazine is to implement the party and the country's health policy, adhere to the theory and practice of combining popularization with the raising editorial ideas, reports and elderly care elderly patients the latest medical research and clinical treatment experience, introduces domestic and foreign Progress in medical research, magazine editor and editorial board are affected by the academicians and the prestigious international medical experts, professors etc, magazines, academic atmosphere of active foundations are high quality. Support of academic contention and attract all levels of clinicians, researchers, students, teachers and medical colleges and nursing staff at all levels of academic papers, to explore the scientific truth, common to improve human well-being purposes. More ... (Translated by machine.)