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Chinese Journal of Oral Implantology

ISSN 1007-3957 
Organizer: wei sheng bu kou qiang zhong zhi ke ji zhong xin  
Publisher: zhong guo kou qiang zhong zhi xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "China Journal of Oral Implantology" is China the only professional magazine of Oral Implantology, Oral Implantology devoted to the relevant basic science and clinical application of scientific research. Approval by the National Science and Technology Commission, the State Press and Publication Administration for the record. "China Journal of Oral Implantology" Founded in 1996, has been issued to the current 20. Large open layout with 16 magazines, photo-text using the context. Each with 2 to 3 color pictures inserts, each 50. The published article is divided into basic research, including implant design and development, planting materials, surface treatment and analysis, and planting outside the dragonfly-related technologies, and plant-related organizations and physiological studies, biology, immunology research, biochemical research and so on. Clinical studies, including various types of implants (domestic and imported) the clinical application of various implant applications (part of the denture and complete denture>, the clinical application of new repair materials, all for the treatment of pathological alveolar bone , a variety of implant design and stress analysis. clinical reports, reflecting the domestic cultivation of primary oral health care for oral hospital situation, revealing that the problems, propose solutions to the problem. literature review, reflected in the same academic fields of foreign The research progress in the field of domestic readers provide a reference in the study and grasp the research. academic exchanges, on the significance of domestic scholars introduce readers. academic lectures, oral Implantology for the basic theory and basic technical operation by the oral implant Experts learn to readers. The purpose of the magazine the magazine is: in order to promote the development of medical implant, published outstanding, representative, and cultivation of medical-related biological materials, biomechanics, histology, immunology, science and other types of media, check the excellent research papers. reflect the field of Oral Implantology basic research and clinical progress of the study, promotion of Oral Implantology of basic research and clinical application of technology research. " (Translated by machine.)