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The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology

ISSN 1673-1441 
Organizer: zhong guo ke xue ji shu shi xue hui zhong guo ke xue yuan zi ran ke xue shi suo  
Publisher: zhong guo ke ji shi za zhi she  
Description: Publication is the only system of a large collection of historical materials of Chinese science and technology journals. Main published: (1) the historical period of China first-hand historical development, especially in modern scientific literature Record of rare, scientists autobiography, memoirs and interviews and so on. (2) Summary history of Chinese science: a famous scientist, inventor, lessons learned, business history segment, the main works and meaningful anecdotes, etc.; a subject or a major scientific and technological creation and development process; important technological and scientific societies The evolution of institutions; education organization, technology professionals and scientific and technological exchanges, introduction of advanced technology, improvement and innovation, dissemination and absorption of scientific thought and so on; science and technology book publishing history and so on. (3) history of Chinese science research data.  (Translated by machine.)