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China Awards for Science and Technology

ISSN 1672-903X 
Organizer: guo jia ke ji jiang li gong zuo ban gong shi  
Publisher: zhong guo ke ji jiang li bian ji bu  
Description: "China Science and Technology Award" by the Head of Science and Technology of the People's Republic, the State Office of Science and Technology Awards sponsored. The field of science and technology awards in China the only national journals. Journal aims to: National Perspective, leading innovation, reward excellence, promote the transformation. This publication is concerned about the national perspective of the international scientific and technological developments, to grasp the pulse of the domestic science and technology to track the latest developments in science and technology, reported results of the latest national science and technology awards, the most prominent scientists and leading scientific and technological achievements as a resource, to create the most authoritative science and technology media platform to guide technology direction of innovation, communication, scientific and technological achievements into channels. The magazine is publishing the work of the authority of the national technical awards policy, dissemination of information, through the award-winning, recommended introduction of the project or person to demonstrate cutting-edge science and technology development trends, and create incentives Technology Yingcai atmosphere, or is applying for the award-winning national science and technology awards program enterprises, research institutes and other units of service. In addition to publicly release the magazine, the same time giving state leaders, the State Council Leading Group Office of Science and Education, 国务院各部委, local authorities and the industry, academicians, the Embassy, the news agencies and libraries. (Translated by machine.)